We are a Swiss Design House focused on fusing fashion with the comfort and functionality needed for Sport.

Our goal is simplicity – making the process of finding, creating and matching your perfect active outfit as easy as possible for any condition life throws at you. Established in 2018 by young designers and couple Rahel Jana and Ross Roy, SDS® is our love

letter to Sport and how it has shaped our lives. Our goal being to create high quality designer sportswear focused on keeping you in the moment, staying present, because “Life is a beautiful Sport ®”



“We take immense pride in a steadfast commitment to supporting a diverse team of female athletes across a wide spectrum of sports disciplines within Switzerland. We firmly believe that nurturing a robust community of female athletes can exert a profoundly positive influence on the sporting landscape of our nation.

Our close collaboration with female athletes has turned into a team of likeminded athletes that provide us with valuable feedback in order to refine our products.

Their invaluable feedback and experiential insights serve as the cornerstone of our product development process.

Through our concerted efforts in partnership with this exceptional team, our overarching goal is to foster an inspirational sports community that not only empowers and uplifts these remarkable athletes but also serves as a beacon of encouragement for aspiring women and girls pursuing their athletic aspirations.

We remain unwavering in our commitment to ensure that our products, in conjunction with our partnership with this esteemed women’s athlete team, contribute positively to the transformation of the sports landscape in our country.

Our mantra echoes loudly: ‘We design for Women in Sport,’ and we celebrate the inherent beauty and power that reside within each athlete, declaring: ‘You are Beauty. You are Power.’”



Co-Founder Rahel Jana Africa
Co-Founder Ross Roy Africa

Swiss-South African Design Duo Founders of SDS®

In 2017, a unique blend of Swiss precision and South African resilience came together to form the dynamic design duo behind SDS®.

Rahel, from Bern, Switzerland, and Ross from Cape Town, South Africa, embarked on a mission to redefine activewear when they realized the market lacked the comfort and quality they sought. Transparency issues with materials, uncomfortable bras, and ill-fitting apparel were widespread problems, prompting them to take action.

Their vision was simple: to create activewear that matched their lifelong passion for sports.


Rahel had a diverse sporting background, while Ross had dedicated his schooling years to competitive rugby in South Africa. Fate played its hand, and they met and fell in love while engaging in CrossFit, further solidifying their shared commitment to an active lifestyle. With a strong desire to make their mark in the creative industry and possessing the necessary  talent, they identified an opportunity in the market where they could design products that resonated with their love for sports.

The journey began with a year of prototyping in 2017, and by 2018, Ross made the life-changing decision to quit his job in Zürich to fully commit to their burgeoning brand. Initially named “Jana Invicta,” which blended Rahel’s second name with “Invicta,” symbolizing unconquerable spirit, their brand gained significant success. However, their aspirations extended beyond Switzerland’s borders, prompting them to explore trademarking the name. Unfortunately, they encountered opposition to the use of the word “Invicta.”

This setback, instead of deterring them, fueled their quest to rediscover their identity and purpose. An equally compelling reason for the rebrand emerged: a growing interest in men’s sportswear. They began receiving numerous requests for menswear, making it clear that they needed to evolve and expand their brand to accommodate this demand. The result was a transformation into “Swiss Designer Sport” - a name reflecting their Swiss base, their career path in design, and their deep passion for sports, while also allowing them to cater to the needs of both men and women.

Their ultimate goal? To establish a Swiss-based design house capable of competing on the global stage in terms of quality. SDS® explores the intricate intersection of design and sport, emphasizing functionality, community, simplicity, and aesthetics. Their journey is a testament to the power of authenticity and the potential to turn challenges into a catalyst for meaningful brand creation.

Designing for Men in Sport: RE-SEARCH® FERVOR

The meaning behind: RE-SEARCH® means to “search again“ – Rediscovery after one loses oneself.  Highlighting the deep resilience found in all of us. FERVOR means a “passionate and intense feeling.“

These two words placed side by side indicates a rediscovery for things that make us feel alive. To search for meaning and purpose through High Emotive moments when we step outside of our comfort zone in training, competition and ultimately life -  towards things that draw us towards adventure.


At the end 2023 - we released the beginning stages of our Menswear that would follow the same model as our previous 5 year experience designing for Women in sport. i.e. bringing together athletes from different sporting backgrounds and creating high quality functional garments that can be worn across many different sports as well as function as fashion garments. The increasing demand for Menswear and our company name change to Swiss Designer Sport gave us the perfect conditions to house a unique line called RE-SEARCH® FERVOR.

Created by Designer Ross Roy Co-Founder of SDS® we decided to create a line that focuses. on performance materials.


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Our Sportstyle Line merging art, fashion and sport: ECLECTIC

As designers we use fashion to tell a story. One of the most symbolic ways to do this is through creating a line of Graphic Ts that capture the essence of our story. Our take on Designer Graphic Ts are all done in studio, from designing the graphic, creating screens to printing the Ts with eco-friendly waterbased inks in our studio in Liebefeld.  Designed by Ross Roy - influenced by movement, iconography and Baroque inspired ornamentals.

Our Location Our Headquarters and Studio located in Liebefeld Bern.

Our Headquarters is located in Liebefeld, Bern since 2021 where we have a boutique store, warehouse and Design Studio.

Swiss Designer Sport GmbH

Waldeggstrasse 40A

3097, Liebefeld Bern