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Our goal at Swiss Designer Sport is to create a brand that adds value to the world around it.

because we care



-All our orders get carefully packed by our team and we only use FSC Certified packages and Bags. We make sure not to harm any unnecessary forestation by only using certified packaging. 

-The wrapping we use is made out of upcyclet paper and is dyed with eco friendly organic color. 

-As well in our Production process we are eliminating unnecessary use of Plastics and packages.

-If you buy at our store we make sure to send you the reciept via E-mail. Like this we can provide no unnecessary paper waste.

We work very closely with our Manufacturing Team together on a daily base. They are an extension of us in Switzerland. We are very proud to have such an amazing Team behind us and have a strong relationship since 2017. We make sure to get all our Fabrics and supplies from reliable and certified sources only. That includes all the factors within the production chain of creating a garment. From sourcing of the Fabrics to the process with the seamstress team and the finishing and shipment to us. We do not settle for anything less. Our products speak for themselves. 

We support local Business.

- Together with Hossmann Holzbau we were able to find the perfect solution of creating the look we wanted for our interior design of the Flagship- Store. The wooden shelfs and racks including our signature desk got locally produced in Belp.

-All our Logos and Signs are made around the corner from Lettra Design in Liebefeld, Bern.

- If we need Flyers or a Poster, Graphic Print in Bern is our main Partner we go to.

-We like to support other small businesses by giving them a platform to sell and showcase their products in our Store in Liebefeld Bern. If you look for a space to showcase your creative products, you are welcome to contact us. 

We are a proud partner of the reforestation project in Madagascar. Egology is a Organisation which dedicated themselves to reforestation all over the world. With every product sold, one mangrove tree gets planted and will have a positive impact on our climate change. Virtually you can see your tree grow ;)

Our in-house printed design Shirts are Handcrafted in Cape Town and carefully printed by us in Liebefeld Bern. We used the method of screenprintig which is a very difficult but most energysafing process if it comes to printing on fabrics. The color we use is a eco friendly, waterbased ink. Which means no micro plastic gets transferred to the water.

Stronger together


We believe in supporting each other, uplift and learn form one another. It is so powerful when likeminded individuals come together and share their time and spirit. We look forward to create more of our Events that are accessable for everyone and deliver a day full of movement, healthy food and of course good clothing while working out. Stronger together.

We are constantly forming partnerships and looking to shine a spotlight on female entrepreneurs. Which is why we introduce different complimentary products in our store and help local entrepreneurs in our network showcase their products in our stores.

A community that sweats together stays together! We believe it's important to connect with our community offline and create fun city runs in the main cities of Switzerland. Our first City Run took place in November 2021 and we are planning one for November 2022 and beyond.

Through our outdoor markets we team up with local entrepreneurs and our community to host a outdoor market outside of our Headquarters. We had our first Outdoor Market in Spring 2022 and plan to host two Markets one in Spring and Summer in 2023.



We work with global companies to produce high-end sportswear and source the best material. Currently we work with production partners from Hong Kong, Portugal, South Africa and are forming relationships in Switzerland, Italy, Germany and South Korea.


We currently have a Pop-Up Store, Kramgasse 53, in the Bern Old Town from July 2022 until January 2023. Our Headquarters is located at Waldeggstrasse 40A ,Liebefeld Bern. This is where our Flagship Store, office and studio is located. All our Onlineorders get processed in the same place.




To us it always has been important to have a positive impact in the Swiss Sports Scene somehow. We asked ourselves "What if we can support Women who are detemand to give it all, to go the extra mile and work harder than everyone else". The Idea of building an Athlete Team naturally started to form. It is Important to us, that we can put a spotlight on those amazing, hardworking Women and tell their stories.

By now we have an amazing Team over Top 20 Swiss Female Athletes out of different sports. We work closely together. They have become an extension of our core Team. A Team like you haven't seen before.